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A propos de la traduction Agrafeuse à chaud filaire - 300 agrafes

Under 1 week
Under 1 week
Idéal pour renforcer et réparer les fissures sur les parechocs, les pièces plastiques.

Une solution efficace, rapide et à moindre coût pour toutes petites réparations sur des matières PVC - plastique.

Livré avec 300 agrafes en inox

A propos de la traduction Mobile hot stapler - 300 staples

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27 March 2017
Composed of a rechargeable "heating" tool with an adjustable head in diferent angles, this kit for the plastic repair by staple offers the accessibility in location that is hard to reach. It allows to do repair of perforations, cracks or rips present in plastic parts rigid or flexible. It is supplied with a lighting LED lamp and a charge indicator.

Content :

- 100 staples x 0.6 mm in the shape of U
- 100 staples x 0.8 mm in the shape of U
- 100 staples x 0.6 mm in the shape of V
- One lithium battery
- One charger

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