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A propos de la traduction Belgom Resin Remover 150 ml

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24 January 2017
Solvent for tree resins

Belgom Resin Remover removes resin stains from conifers from paintwork, windows or the plastic trims of vehicles.

Application: Use undiluted on a dry cloth. Pour a few drops on to each stain. Leave for a few seconds. Soak a clean microfibre cloth with it and rub gently until it is completely removed. Does not require rinsing.

A propos de la traduction Autoglym High-Definition Wax

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24 January 2017
High-Definition Wax provides a polish and depth of shine generally associated with the most expensive cars. It contains a carefully-balanced mixture of waxes and durable polymers, including Carnauba wax. Treated surfaces are given brilliant shine and durability and resistance to pollutants like salt and acid rain.

Application time: 15 min
Requires 10-12 g per car
Protects the car for 12 months and makes washing easier.
150 g pot

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