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A propos de la traduction Pneumatic chipping hammer - 10 mm chuck diameter

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26 June 2017
This set contains 4 chisels with heads in various profiles. This hammer is equipped with a quick-release head.

Technical information:

- Strokes per minute: 3,500
- Air consumption: 179 l/min
- Round rod chisel: 10 mm
- Travel: 67 mm
- Operating pressure: 6.2 bar
- Air connection: 1/4"
- Length: 170 mm
- Weight: 1.60 kg

A propos de la traduction Set of 5 chipping hammer accessories

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26 June 2017
Set of 5 accessories for chipping hammer UO69475 or similar.

Contents: flat chisel, pointed chisel, punch, for exhausts and edges.

Made from chrome-molybdenum.

It is highly advised that you wear safety goggles and protective gloves.

A propos de la traduction Needle rust remover - Power chisel

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26 June 2017
This needle rust remover cleans corrosion, paint, dirt, etc. with short impacts. Ideal for confined spaces.

- Standard power chisel plug 10 mm
- Total length: 230 mm
- Size of the 19 needles: 3 mm x 180 mm long

Needles (19) and springs soon available on our website

A propos de la traduction Sleeve accessory for chipping hammer

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26 June 2017
This accessory can be used as an add-on for ref. UO69475 or similar.

This extension enables the conversion of various chisels normally used with the chipping hammer for use as a hand tool.
It facilitates better manual control, especially when access is limited.

A propos de la traduction Set de burins pour échappements

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26 June 2017
Kit de 2 burins pour échappements à utiliser avec la réf UO69475, UO68800 ou similaire.

Ces burins ont une coupe spéciale interne et externe s'adaptant ainsi à une large gamme d'échappement.

A propos de la traduction Impact bar for power chisel - 1/2

Under 1 week
Under 1 week
Suitable for use with power chisel UO68800 or equivalent.

Ideal for removing bolts jammed in confined spaces (engines, etc.).

- Length: 560 mm

A propos de la traduction Set of punch chisels - extra-long

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26 June 2017
Ideal for removing corroded nuts on suspensions etc.

This chisels can be used with reference UO68800 or similar.

Contents: 6 parallel chisel punches

Sizes: 5.2 / 6.5 / 6.9 / 7.7 / 9.3 and 12.7 mm
Length: 177 mm

Made from chrome-molybdenum

A propos de la traduction Set of chisels for pneumatic chipping hammer - soft heads

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26 June 2017
The theory goes that when you hit a component with a material that is softer than it is, you reduce the risk of damaging this component while applying a strong amount of force and impact.

Aluminium and nylon heads are perfect for operations on aluminium components or panels with a view to reducing the marks normally associated with the use of a chisel with a traditional steel head. The brass head is ideally used for more dense metals such as threaded rods, ball heads...

These chisels are extremely strong and are made from SCM440 steel with an HRC48 hardness.

Product benefits:

The heads do not produce sparks and can thus be used in very specific environments.

Can be used with chipping hammer ref. UO68800 or equivalent.

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