Gearbox treatments - Consumable Auto, Moto

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A propos de la traduction Mecacyl HY Treatment for gearbox - 100ml

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29 May 2017
Mecacyl HY can be used on mecanic or sequential gearboxes, on the bridges (classic, limited sliding tab type, bridge torsen type...) tabs, chaines, bearings, supports, etc.

It provides more reliability, flexibility, a better gear switch, without function noise. It is antioxydant and wear resistant.

A propos de la traduction Boîte 5 100 ml reduces noise and makes changing gear easier

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29 May 2017
Boîte 5 is an additive specially-designed to protect your manual gearbox improve its operation. It compensates bearing wear and optimises the synchro ring's glide By reducing mechanical play created by wear, Boîte 5 reduces operating noise and vibrations. With Boîte 5, gears change more smoothly and more quickly

A propos de la traduction Gearbox anti-wear treatment

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29 May 2017
Increases your gearbox's service life.
- Reduces mechanical wear,
- Assists in gear changes,
- Reduces running noise.
(not suitable for automatic gearboxes)

A propos de la traduction Bardahl Leak Stop for manual gearboxes, 150 ml

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29 May 2017
When should you use it?
It stops leaks and enables you to top up.
Avoids the need to replace very expensive parts.

Restores the original properties of internal and external O-rings.
Cleans the grooves in which the seals are housed.
Restores the performance of oil by adding new additives, extends the working life of mechanical components.
Does not repair cracked or broken seals, not effective on paper seals.

Using the extender, add the full content of the tube into the manual gearbox oil sump, observing the manufacturer's recommended level.

Not compatible with automatic and sequential gearboxes.
It is compatible with all oils used in manual gearboxes

A propos de la traduction BARDAHL manual gearbox wear protection, 150 ml

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29 May 2017
Manual gearbox wear protection: extends the working life, makes changing gear easier and reduces running noise.

To add to your sump. Normal dosage: 10 to 20% maximum of the sump capacity, observing the recommended oil level. Miscible in all types of oil, mineral, semi-synthetic, synthetic and Dexron.

A propos de la traduction Traitement Mecacyl - Boîte de vitesse automatique - 100 ml

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29 May 2017
Pour votre véhicule, Mécacyl :
‐ permet de passer d'une friction à un glissement quasi parfait donc facilite le passage de vitesse,
‐ limiter l'usure due à la friction donc prolonge et protège votre boite de vitesse,
‐ prévient ou réduit les bruits donc va dans le sens d'un silence de fonctionnement et élimine l'humidité et les oxydes donc va dans le sens de l'anti-oxydation.

Conditionnement: 100 ml

Convient pour 5 litres d'huile maximum.

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