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A propos de la traduction Belgom Engine Degreaser Spray 500 ml

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31 May 2017
Belgom Engine Degreaser cleans and cold degreases all mechanical parts on your vehicle. Extremely effective at removing grease from the furthest reaches of your engine, it is guaranteed acid-free, which means it is not harmful to seals, electrical wires and rubbers.
Belgom Engine Degreaser is emulsifiable in water, which means it is much easier to rinse the engine. One bottle is generally sufficient to degrease an engine, even a very clogged one.

A propos de la traduction Autoglym Engine Cleaner 1L

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31 May 2017
You just need to spray, brush and rinse with a hose pipe to rapidly dissolve oil, grease, grime androad film from all surfaces.
It acts like a detergent and a degreaser combined. Presents no risk in contact with plastic, rubber, paint and metal, it cleans the entire engine compartment rapidly and in complete safety.

Autoglym Engine Cleaner is solvent-free, water-based and biodegradable.
It can also be used to clean anodised, limited edition or speciallyplated wheels.

A propos de la traduction Engine Cleaning Gun

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31 May 2017
Use with all cleaning agents
250mm nozzle
0.75L tank
Working pressure 75-120psi
Working pressure 75-120psi
Trigger action

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