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A propos de la traduction Endoscope - RING USB inspection camera

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20 September 2017

A propos de la traduction Lithium battery digital endoscope - 5.5 mm camera

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In stock, shipped tomorrow
20 September 2017
With its 5.5 mm in diameter camera, this endoscope performs diagnostics and visual inspections of cavities, pipes and little inaccessible sleeves (e.g.: pre-heating plug holes).
128 Mb integrated memory enabling 80 images or 90 sec of video to be stored. Use an SD micro card (not supplied) in order to increase your storage capacity.

The camera capsule is water-tight up to 3 metres and is made from scratch-resistant, tempered glass lens.

Camera diameter: 5.5 mm
Length of sensor: 92 cm
Type of sensor: Fixed
Screen: 89 mm
Batteries: yes
SD micro card: yes
Video output: yes
USB output: yes
Impage capture: yes
Video capture: yes
Lighting : yes
Accessories kit: yes
Storage procket: yes
Operating range of lithium battery: 4 hours

A propos de la traduction Rechargeable digital endoscope - RING inspection camera

Under 1 week
Under 1 week
Car inspection tool.

- Endoscope for engines, gearboxes, wiring and pipes.
- Quick fault identification
- Avoids any unnecessary handling or dismantling
- Provides material proof of the damaged part
- Digital photos and storage of photos
- Downloads the image via a USB port and via a TV port
- Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
- Video output for television
- Diameter of the hose and 5.5 mm camera

Professional tool

A propos de la traduction Screw-on accessories kit for endoscope part reference UO20131

Under 1 week
Under 1 week
Set of accessories to screw onto RING endoscope with 5.5 mm sensor, part reference UO20131.

This kit includes a mirror, magnet and hook sockets.

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