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A propos de la traduction Anti-freeze tester

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27 February 2017
- Easy-to-read indicators
- The number on the floating disc indicates the anti-freeze's protection level
- Tests at hot and cold temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit

A propos de la traduction Anti-freeze scales

Under 1 week
Under 1 week
- Allows the quality and freezing temperature of the engine coolant to be checked.
- Two engine scale: cold or hot.
- Dimensions (l x w): 350 x 42 mm.
Weight: 90 g.

A propos de la traduction Refractometer

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27 February 2017
-optical tester with various functions:
- testing of density of battery acid
- testing of coolant water anti-freeze
(subdivides into ethylene and propylene)
- testing screen washer fluid
- testing urea AdBlue ® (AUS32)
- adjustable ocular
- precision +/- 5%

Measuring range : 1.10 -> 1.40

A propos de la traduction 2-way Vacuum Tester

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27 February 2017
- 2-way: vacuum and pressure
- brake bleeding equipment
- tests of various under / over-pressure systems
e.g. Turbo-charge pressure tests
- manometer: -1 bis 4 bar in 0,1 bar Schritten (+-5%)
- max. vacuum (hand pump): 0.8 bar
- max. pressure (hand pump): 4.0 bar
- several accessories

A propos de la traduction Water Pump Tester

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27 February 2017
Designed in the UK to identify faulty water pump impellers on the vehicle
Minimum vehicle disassembly required giving a more effective and less time consuming diagnosis
Works by measuring the internal pressure waves generated by the pump
Packed in a protective foam and metal box
Supplied with adaptors to fit rubber hoses with I/D of 8 to 20mm and hard pipes of O/D from 7 to 22mm.

A propos de la traduction CO2 Leak Detector

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Under 1 week
Under 1 week
Checks for cracked cylinder heads and blockages, blown head gaskets etc in Petrol and Diesel engines
Supplied with a cone adaptor
Once fitted to the running engine's coolant filler neck the rubber bulb is used to suck the gasses that collect in the top of the filler bottle through the fluid in the tester. If there is CO2 in the gases it will turn the fluid green indicating a blown head gasket or similar issue.
Fluid available separately - Part No 5526
Also referred to as: Combustion Leakage Tester

A propos de la traduction Contrôleur circuit de refroidissement - 14 pièces

Under 2 weeks
Under 2 weeks
Ce coffret permet de tester la pression, détecter les fuites et en vu de remplacer les pièces endommagées du circuit de refroidissement.

Composition : thermomètre, pompe de contrôle de la pression avec manomètre et adaptateurs pour une large gamme de véhicules.

- Plage de tests : 0->2,5 bars (tolérance + -2%)

A propos de la traduction 24-piece Radiator Pressure and Cooling System Tester

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In stock, shipped
27 February 2017
- suitable for all standard vehicles
- testing range 0-2,5 bar
- same parts as in Art. 8027 and additionally
adaptors for following cars:
- Mercedes A class
- BMW E60, E63, E64, E65
- VW Sharan 1.8, 2.8
- Toyota RAV 4, Previa
- also contains an additonal alternator maintenance kit for cleaning the alternator and refilling cooling liquid

A propos de la traduction Testeur de liquide de refroidissement

Under 1 week
Under 1 week
Ce testeur permet d'identifier le point d'ébullition du liquide de frein.

Alimenté par la batterie du véhicule, il donne une lecture digitale précise et claire.

L'utilisateur peut gérer la calibration lui même.

Livré avec une seringue et flasque d'échantillonnage.

Usage : professionnel

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