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A propos de la traduction Butane mini welding torch

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29 May 2017
This light and compact welding torch is equipped with a piezo-electricignitor.
It also has precise flame setting.

For craft, jewellery and modelling as well as various welding applications.

Max. temperature: 1,300 °C
Operating time after charging: 25 minutes

Gas not supplied

A propos de la traduction Fer à souder / Mini torche

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29 May 2017
Ce kit a de nombreux usages incluant soudure, gaine thermorétractable, connecteur bout-à-bout - usage professionnel et particulier.

- Niveau de gaz visible - ignition Piezo
- Température pour soudure 200-400°C, Torche jusqu'à 1300°C
- Utilisation de Gaz Butane. 20 minutes maximum en usage constant.

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