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A propos de la traduction Tow Rope, max. Rated Load 2000 kg

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31 July 2017
- elastic and extendable length: 1,5 – 4m
- colour: white-blue
- attachable via heavy duty springloaded
safety lock hook at each end of the rope

A propos de la traduction 1.8 tonne trailer bar

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Under 2 weeks
Under 2 weeks
This trailer bar consists of 3 tubes. It has a towing capacity of 1,800 kg and a length of 180 cm.

The trailer is not permitted on motorways.
When towing: starting should be performed carefully and gradually, the speed should be reduced and the warning lights put on. Vehicles should remain in alignment as much as possible in order to avoid damage to the bar.

A propos de la traduction Automatic rewind towing belt - 4 m x 50 mm

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31 July 2017
Forged steel safety hooks, rupture force of 2 tonnes.

Automatic rewind system keeping the belt tight to buffer against shocks.

Rewinds back into its casing for efficient storage.

A propos de la traduction 2 tonne trailer bar

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31 July 2017
Towing bar with a loading capacity of 2,000 kg.

It is fitted with a centre shock absorber for greater safety during breakdown towing.

this bar can be used on all vehicles with horizontal or vertical towing hooks.

Length: 180 cm
Max load: 2 tonnes

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