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A propos de la traduction Homokinetic joint puller

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25 September 2017
This tool enables the simple removal of homokinetic joints from transmission shafts.

Universal set, can be used on the majority of car models.

A propos de la traduction Synchronisateur de carburateurs - 25pcs - 0-14PSI

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25 September 2017
- Nombre de carburateurs : 2 et 4
- Utilisation pour autos et motos : oui

Composition :

- 4 manomètres
- 4 tuyaux en caoutchouc 8 x 5 x 750 mm
- 4 colliers, bagues d'étanchéité de remplacement
- 4 connecteurs de 53 mm (M6x0.75)
- 4 connecteurs de 60 mm (M6x1.00)
- 4 extensions de 4,9 x 52 mm
- 4 extensions 4,9 x 122 mm

Livré dans un coffret rigide

A propos de la traduction Piston ring pliers

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25 September 2017
Ideal for removing and refitting piston rings.

Anti-slip handle with spring return mechanism.

For ring thicknesses: from 1.2 mm to 6.35 mm (3/64"-1/4")
Length: 175 mm
Height of head: 8 mm

A propos de la traduction OBD2 - EOBD fault code reader motor

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25 September 2017
New tool essential for post-2000 vehicles fitted with a 16-pin diagnostics socket.

This tool provides you with a clear indication of the condition of your vehicle, and allows you to identify and rectify potential faults.

The reader can be updated free-of-charge online. (software can be downloaded on our website)


Manual and interface in French, English, Spanish USB input for connection with a computer, unlimited free updates.

What is an OBD?

The first generation of On-Board Diagnostics or OBD was introduced by automotive manufacturers at the beginning of the 1980s to control engine functions and diagnose problems. Because OBD did not use standard protocol or an interface, it allowed for different interpretations depending on the vehicle manufacturer.

The OBD2, the second generation of on-board diagnostics - improved in terms of capacity and standardisation - is a system that was developed in the mid-90s by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) as a means of standardising car electronics
diagnostics. EOBD is the European version of OBD2, a requirement in Europe since 2001.

The OBD2 standard stipulates:

- A generic diagnostic port (data link connector) and its output pin
- Protocols and message formats
- A standard list of vehicle parameter IDs
- A standard list of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
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A propos de la traduction Professional Dent Repair Kit

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25 September 2017
- suitable for repairof minor dents
- paintingand filling work are unnecessary
- no color differences
- reducestime and cost
- includes:
- 9 dent pads in various sizes and shapes
- special adhesive glue sticks with very good
performance for bestresults
- sliding hammer to pull out hard dents
- pulling unit with rubberized feet for slight
dents on flat surfaces
- plastic scraper for gentle removal of dent pads

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